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Automation and Robotics

Today's modern industry with advanced processes places significant demands on safety. In particular, there is a great need for controlled access for authorized personnel. TROAX mesh panels are based on a carefully developed modular system that also includes special adaptations.

Smart Fix

Smart fix is a tried and tested machine guard system. The system consists of mesh panels, hinged and sliding doors, posts, angle brackets, and a smart panel fixing method.

Smart Fix components are held captive in the guard even when system is disassembled, fulfilling the current requirements, rules and standards for fixed guarding.

Smart Fix has many unique properties. The panel fixing can be adjusted to compensate for uneven floors. The angle of the corner bracket can easily be adjusted on installation. The posts are universal, which means that the same posts can be used for several of the TROAX systems.Troax Door Kit

Door kit
With our door kit you can easily replace an existing panel with a door anywhere in the installation.

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Troax Panel Fixing
Troax Hinge
Troax Angle Bracket
Panel fixing
Strong and flexible steel clamp.
Hard wearing steel hinge tested to ensure a long service life.
Angle bracket
Enables adjustment of angle up to 180 degrees on installation.

System Rapid Fix

Troax Rapid FixRapid Fix is a machine safety system with a clever design and offers quick and easy access to the machine area. It is equipped with a 2-point fixing with click function, which means that after the work has been completed, you can install the panel again without the need for any tools, thus avoiding costly stoppages.

To disengage the lock for easy removal of the panel, a quarter turn of an allen wrench is all that is needed.

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