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Series 35 Tilter

Tilters bring parts and hard-to-reach objects to within easy grasp of the operator in applications such as small parts handling (in bins and baskets), assembly or disassembly of large components, and stacking or un-stacking operations. They reduce the need to reach and bend over, which are the leading cause of back injuries in repetitive operating environments. When used with an Autoquip lift table, these tilters further enhance both ergonomic and labor savings benefits.

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Series 35 Tilter Series 35 Tilter

Auto Tilt

The Auto Tilt family is the ideal solution for loading and unloading bins and baskets at a workstation. The Auto Tilt is portable and battery operated for “plug and play” at any location. This unit puts small parts or other items within reach and allows a worker easy access to the product without reaching or bending. Eliminates the risk of back injuries and makes the workplace safer and more productive. No installation required.

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Auto-Tilt TilterAuto-Tilt Tilter

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