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Scissor Lift Table

Series 35Below are standard configurations of lift tables, all tables can be modified to match the application. We can make them longer, wider, heavier capacity, all with a variety of special options. Give us a call with your application.  Series 35 is a very versatile and popular family of hydraulic scissor lifts. These lifts can be used in a wide variety of applications – such as pallet build –up and tear down, part assembly and conveyor systems-to improve worker ergonomics or enhance plant efficiencies. The Series 35 reduces worker fatigue and reduces the risk of back injuries. Series 35 offers high quality, low cost lifting solutions. Capacities available up from 1,500# to 8,000# and vertical travel from 24" to 60".

Click here for Series 35 specification sheet

Compact Lift

Compact LiftCompact Lifts have a smaller footprint with higher lift heights so they can fit into virtually any application or environment. These lifts have a platform as small as 12" x 25" with capacities ranging from 500# to 12,000#. Compact Series lifting solutions are field proven with thousands of units installed in a wide range of applications. Click on the specification link below to see pricing and all the models available.

Click here for Compact Lift specification sheet


TiltLiftTiltLift lifts and tilts in one motion. This compact design creates an effective ergonomic workstation. This unit is convenient for positioning a container at a proper ergonomic work height so that the worker does not have to bend or reach to retrieve parts. This unique combination of functions is accomplished more inexpensively and in less total collapsed height than by stacking a stand-alone tilter on top of a stand-alone scissor unit. Click on the link below to see the pricing and specifications.

Click here for TiltLift specifications


TorkLiftThe TorkLift is designed for a life cycle of up to 3,000,000 cycles. High cycle applications demand a high quality machine and the TorkLift delivers! Premium features such as polylube bearings, self-aligning cylinders, captured rollers and tied scissor ends just to name a few all add up to durability. Check out the link below to see the various models and pricing.

Click here for TorkLIft specification sheet

Titan Lift

Titan LiftTitan is Autoquip's highest capacity family of scissor lifts. The Titan family is reserved for those applications that require the highest lifting capacity and/or highest side and end load capacities. With capacities from 6,000# to 68,000# and travel from 24" to 120", the Titan is the heavyweight of Autoquip's line. It continues to demonstrate it’s durability and capability across many applications and industry uses. See the specifications below for the more common Titan models.

Click here for Titan Lift specification sheet


QliftThe Q Lift from Autoquip provides high travel in a scissors lift solution with minimal footprint and platform size, while providing lowered heights that are lower than lifts offering high travel. With capacities from 1,500 to 5,000 lbs., raised heights from 61" to 81" and with lowered heights from only 7" to 10 3/4", the Q-Lift provides the perfect lift when high travel, a small footprint, and lowered height is critical.

Click here for Q-Lift specification sheet

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