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Equipment Manufacturers


Autoquip is a leader in the manufacture of scissor lift tables, dock lifts and freight lifts. Most of Autoquip’s products are customizable and we can accommodate a wide variety of lifting and work positioning applications. Whether you have to lift something 6 inches or 100 feet, Autoquip has the right product for you! (visit Autoquip)


AeroGo manufactures Air Casters that are used to facilitate the horizontal movement of heavy loads. Various configurations of the casters allow the movement of loads from 500 pounds to in excess of 2,000 tons. Powered drives and transporters add to the versatility of Air Casters. (visit AeroGo)


Together with our unique solutions for posts, panels and panel fixings, we are able to offer a flexible machine guard fencing for guarding robotic and automated equipment. Our panels allow good visibility of the area while providing impact protection and protection of personnel. (visit Troax)

LoadFast Systems

LoadFast Systems is an industry leader in the manufacture of rolling platforms and construction hoists for the purpose of moving building materials from ground level to various floors of a multi-story building during construction or renovation. Systems can be custom manufactured to suit particular loading or building configurations.

NEX Solutions

NEX Solutions is a custom fabricator that has the following capabilities:

  • Fabrication (forming, punching, drilling, cutting) - 22 gauge to 1 inch materials
  • Weld - Robotic and AWS Certified Welders
  • Assembly - Advanced mechanical assembly techniques
  • Powder Coat - Small to large capacity: 45'L x 10'W x 9'H envelope; up to 6,000 lbs
  • Warehouse - 22,000 sq ft dedicated for JIT delivery


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