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Dock Lifts

Today's loading dock must deal with extreme variations of truck bed elevations - pick-ups and vans at 18'' to 25'', trailers and reefers to 60'' as well as "low boy" trailers with threshold heights as low as 26''. In order to gain maximum efficiency and utilization from a powered loading dock equipment solution, a close evaluation of the specific dock application must be made. First, there are situations where no dock exists at a building's loading and unloading area. In other instances, a dock may exist but it may be too low or too high for conventional hinged dock boards. The dock area may be restricted in size by features such as alleys, railroad tracks, or other traffic lanes. Finally, the loads being handled may require the use of extremely heavy fork trucks or special conveyors. All these factors must be considered.

There are four basic types of powered loading docks:


The PLT-C dock lift family is the most popular and versatile family of dock lifts. This family of medium to heavy capacity lifts can be used in a wide variety of pit mounted or surface mounted applications – such as loading & unloading trucks, moving fork trucks or other wheeled loads between levels, and large part assembly or disassembly – to improve work flow at the dock or inside the plant.

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Dock Lift PLT-C

Mobi-Dock CMD

The Mobi-Dock family of dock lifts is portable, low capacity surface mounted lift with a very low profile (5-3/8") Mobi-Dock Lifts have three open platform sides, which are designed to be configured to mount any combination and orientation of approach ramp, throw-over bridge, or handrails. These lifts come with dolly handles, which are used to move an empty lift manually to any location in the dock or parking lot area. Quick-disconnect electrical connections allow the Mobi-Dock power unit to be plugged into any convenient receptacle.

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Dock Lift Mobi-Dock CMD


The Autoquip PDQ dock lift series of lifts are portable, medium capacity surface mounted. PDQ lifts are designed for high volume applications especially ion areas where no docks exist. The integrated approach ramp allow the rolling of loads to or from ground level, and a throw-over bridge on the opposite end of the platform helps to transition the load to or from an elevated loading surface such as a dock or truck. Quick-disconnect electrical connections allow the PDQ’s power unit to be plugged into any convenient receptacle with adequate service rating.

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Dock Lift PDQ


The PLD family of dock lifts is stationary, low to medium capacity surface-mounted scissors tables, which have a low profile (6-1/2") They are designed especially for situations where no dock exists. Because they are not installed in a pit, PLD lifts can be relocated easily should dock locations ore requirements change.

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Titan is Autoquip’s highest capacity family of scissor lifts. The Titan family is reserved for those applications that require the highest lifting capacity and/or highest side and end load capacities. With capacities from 6,000# to 68,000# and travel from 24” to 120”, the Titan is the heavyweight of Autoquip’s line. It continues to demonstrate it’s durability and capability across many applications and industry uses. See the specifications below for the more common Titan models.

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Dock Lift TSL

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